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Difference between aged and fresh accounts

There is a super big difference between aged Instagram accounts and the fresh, newly created accounts. In general, this difference identifies only one factor and its account’s trust level.

Today we will try to figure out is the difference so big or the aged accounts is simply a marketing trick.

The cookies

Usually, when you create an account your self via official mobile application or via software – in the first case you keep using an account with the application version and device it was created with and in the second case, the software allows to export created accounts with a full list of data (cookies) like: user agent (UA), device ID and a global unique identifier (GUID) what will help to import account into the software for the future automatization. While the aged account which is purchased from some shop very rarely have these set of data. On the one hand, it may seem the newly created account with a set of data is much better, cuz it allows to import account and avoid additional suspicious Instagram due to the changes of this specific set. Cuz if the account doesn’t have these attached data – once the account will be imported into the software, the software will generate it. Instagram immediately notifies these changes and the account trust level would be reduced even right up to the ban of the account. Exactly the ban of account happens very rarely, but it doesn’t mean its impossible. On another hand, the aged account, in general, has no attached data like cookies, and the software generates on the step of adding the account into the software, which in turn reduces the current account’s trust level. But do not forget – the global trust level of newly created and an aged account is absolutely different, that’s why in the first case importing account with the cookies it’s like a “must-have” and in the second case – it’s just simply a good bonus.

Account creation process

To get a good high-quality account starting from the account creation – the set of the used data must be high quality too. When you create an account manually or via software – except for the good and clean IP (proxy) Instagram identifies the device you are using for account creation, the version of mobile application, the attached phone number and email provider, availability of the account in the Facebook, availability of the browser history to show you the ads later and even access to your phone book. If those data are missing – the account, once it would be created, gets reduced trust level. While when the aged account even if it was created the same way and these data were missed as well – it has a much higher trust level because it was created some years ago and still alive what means the trust level of the account was increased by slow and long warming up process.

Number of allowed actions

The number of actions which are allowed to the fresh and aged accounts obviously is absolutely different. The aged account already has some history of actions specific trust level, while the fresh account has absolutely nothing. Exactly that’s why the warming up process depends on the account’s age would be different. For the aged account it may take a week or so, while for the fresh account the months are needed to get a trust and the permission to perform a higher number of actions.

Availability of the original email

In this case, score one for the fresh accounts, cuz aged accounts very rarely have attached original email, while the account you create your self – have attached original email used for account registration, and which 100% has access by you only, “Instagram hello” message, what is an important and additional confirmation of the email originality and also its a good bonus in case someday the account will be sold, since usually, buyers want to buy big niche account with original email only, to avoid any kind of possible scam.

Type of usage

Time is money. That’s why depends on the future type of usage, you may need different types of accounts. For example, when you have to run account right now and you don’t have time for long and slow warming process – the better option would be an aged account, cuz it already has a good trust level and its possible almost instantly run it with CPA,  “mother-child” or other methods to drive traffic. While the fresh self-created accounts would be a good alternative for local business pages or for the growing of the niche account for future selling

For now, the difference must be clear. Anyway, in our shop, we have both types of accounts: aged accounts and fresh accounts. Which one to chose depends on you and your needs only.

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