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How many Instagram accounts to run per 1 mobile proxy

One one the most ever asked question around IG automation is: “How many accounts to run per 1 mobile proxy ?” Today we will try to give an answer and explain how it works and why it’s possible.

We do believe you just want to get a simple direct answer, like 10 accounts per proxy is a sweet spot. But if I would say you can run much more?  Sounds interesting, so let go:

What are mobile proxies?

Earlier we already explained how mobile proxies are made and the way they perform, the link is here. Its a longread post and could be a bit boring, but generally all you have to know, the number of IPs mobile proxies are based on is relatively limited.  The average cellular provider owns for around 60-120 thousand (really rarely more) IPs for all its clients or customers. In this case, 1 Ip is the same as 1 Proxy (for easy understanding). Those when some go into online, for web surfing for example, or social media and so on, he uses the same IP (proxy) as hundreds or actually thousands of other users simultaneously. Weird, right?

Let us explain: All of you know the best ratio for accounts:proxies when we are talking about common DC (dedicated proxies), it could be IPV4 or IPV6 proxies –  is up to 3 accounts per 1 proxy. To save your time, we will not talk too much for the difference between V4 and V6 proxies, all you need to know – V6 proxies is super cheap proxies and easy to ban. The ratio of 3 accounts for the dedicated proxies is the result of property. Those DC proxies always belong to Datacenters and the general user will never use it.

With mobile proxies or IPs, all work absolutely backward:  tons of users sharing the same IP simultaneously, while performing around the web, since the number of IPs and subnetwork(s) of cellular providers is limit.  That’s why such IPs or proxies based on mobile IPs have a much higher trust level considering DC proxies for the social media filters and crawlers.

So, are there no limits?

Actually, nope, of course, there must be some limits, otherwise, we simply could take 1 mobile proxy and run an unlimited number of Instagram accounts, but it’s impossible. The limits arise from the number and type of actions, not the number of accounts that are ruling withing the same IP. To get a better understanding, just take a look at how the average Instagram or Facebook or any other social media user is behaving: scroll the feed, check the recent photos or videos, like the post of friends and some chatting via DM and of course posting several times per week. That’s all. So, no hundred of the same actions like follow 200 users per day or like the users which interacted with… I think you know what we are talking about 😉


If it’s needed to run volume number of accounts like 10 or even 100, for sure you can use only one mobile proxy and you will have no issues, but only in case you accounts perform organic actions on daily basis and have good trust level, meaning no automation if past and no actions linking between the whole bunch of accounts. Otherwise, if you are still botting, the best ratio of Instagram accounts per 1 proxy, would be 1 proxy for every 10-15 accounts, but again a lot of depends on type and number of actions. If you will spam over and over again, no one proxy will protect your accounts from being permanently deleted. Mentioning the same user, liking and following a lot of users, exceed the daily limits, and simply keeps doing identical actions day by day, soon or later will lead to the trust score reducing. Simply think about what you do and the most important is to use the good unflagged software, preferably private.



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