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How to setup a proxy on browser Firefox

Quite often it’s needed to test quickly some kind of proxy, or to login into particular account via specific IP address, but there is no software at hand or simply not enough time for import, exports, and other boring stuff, but the job still must be done and the question is still there what to do?

The answer is quite simple and obvious – to use a desktop browser with a configured proxy inside.

Whatever OS you are using – Mac or Windows (will skip the Linux due to the obvious reason), we will not advise using google chrome, safari or opera for this case, cuz those browsers proxy settings depends on whole your system, or requires full system proxification in other words, what could be uncomfortable. Much easier would be to use a Firefox like and additional browser for the particular usage. This, your main browser may use your direct connect (IP) and additional will help to go into the web with a proxy. So let’s go:

  • Download and install Firefox, link –
  • Run the browser, open menu and go to “Options”

  • Scroll to the bottom and click “Settings” in the Network Settings field.

  • Now, at the “Connection Settings” activate the radio button “Manual proxy configuration”, and in the field bellow add your proxy IP and Port. Also, do not forget to activate the “Use this proxy for FTP and HTTPS”

  • And the last one, in case your proxy has no authorizations methods, via login or password, you may open any page and start using the internet via the proxy. But in case your proxy authorization is made by login and password (in most cases it is), just open a new page and you will get a pop-up window, where you will have insert proxy login and password for authentication

  • To be sure, all is correct just go to or any other website which allows you to check your IP

That’s all, it’s pretty simple way to use the proxy, but could be useful for those who had no idea how to set the browser

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