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Instagram trust level. Why its important ?

Why do we believe some people more than others? The weird and same time rhetorical question, right?

In general, people are divided into two categories: 1) people we know well – family, friends, pals and 2) just random guys. In the first category of people, we believe by default. There is no reason to explain why, because it’s obvious. Childhood friends, people we celebrate birthdays parties or Christmas with, people we can call at 3 AM and ask for help – its all our social circle, the circle of people we know and we trust. These are the people we can rely on.  But what about the people we met for the first time in our life? We don’t know them at all. Is there any kind of reason to trust or to share top-secret information or for example to give access to your bank account for the person you see the first time in your life – I do not think so. What about you?

How we can be who is who? And again the weird question with a simple answer, to identify “who is who” only two things are needed, it is a time and experience. Human relations and social interrelationship are quite a difficult subject, but never the less some people we believe more rather than others. For the people we know – we know what we can expect for. Actions and behavior identify the man. We for its part analyze this man, even not consciously, intuitively and sometime later based on statistics of actions of this particular person we make a conclusion to believe or not believe. To trust or not to trust.

One more example of the trust level from real life. If you are going to get a loan from the bank, the bank manager asks for some basic information, like salary level, availability of debt in other banks and checks your credit history: have you ever late paid your bills and so on. Considering this information “the bank makes a decision” to give you a loan or to reject. In other words, the bank believes you or does not.

Determinants are time, actions, statistics of actions. No one will judge you for one mistake. We all the people and we can be wrong. “Errare humanum est”

But there is a big difference between one mistake and hundreds of them. In the last case, it’s not a mistake, it’s an exactly a man behavior style

The same way works Instagram, actually Instagram algorithms. Based on account’s information such as account created method, used IP address, quantity, and type of actions – all these identify account trust or account score level. The higher it is – the more allowed to you and vise versa. It’s exactly the difference between the fresh Instagram account which has a low score level and an aged Instagram account with a high trust score level. Every account’s single action is stored in the Instagram database, what allows to compare actions of thousands of accounts and identify what account is spam account with low trust level and which one is a real account and establish a high trust score level to it

How to increase the Instagram account trust level?

There are 2 simple methods:

  • The first method is related to the accounts which are using automation software and its called a “warming up process” This method allows creating trust between account, attached IP address, actions, technical data and the network itself. For more info read – The warming up process – why you don’t have to skip it?
  • Organic method. This method does not imply anything special. All you have to do is just to publish good and useful content, use right hashtags, respond to your followers and in general, that’s all.

Obviously, the organic method is not so simple as it might look. It requires very long and a lot of hard work. You must be a creator, who generates a lot of useful and high-quality viral content – that’s exactly what Instagram as a social network wants from all of its users. Only in this case with a lot of luck and a lot of time later – Instagram algorithms will put you (your account) in top positions that will let it get a lot of new real high-quality followers, engagement and interactions

But to be realistic – it’s very complicated and sometimes even impossible. Exactly that’s why more and more users start using automated or semi-automated software and services that help to automate all routine actions, like post scheduling or/and increasing followers and engagement rates.

The main aspect of using automated software and services is the settings exactly and clear understanding of actions and the time when to stop. The main mistake of new users of the software is an aggressive setting. Human nature is arranged so that he always tries to get a maximum. It’s great of course but doesn’t work with Instagram. People set the software to follow more and more users to get a high follow back ratio. In the beginning, it always works great and the account grows fast and gets a lot of interactions, but pretty soon all changes: account doesn’t get former power – engagement and follow back are drop. The worst ever possible idea at this step is to increase settings in the hope to increase the account’s power. On one hand – you increase the number of users to interact with, so your account will interact with more users and it must get more interactions back. But on another (real) hand if the engagement drops – it means Instagram algorithms already determined account as a spam account or account which has no social benefit to the community in another word. Hardly worth to talk about such an account’s trust level. Considering the future increase of the settings (number of actions) – the trust level would be decreased.

At this point, it may look like you have to stay far away from any kind of automated software. But actually it’s not. Instagram cant detect the usage of the software and especially good software like Jarvee, for example. But it can detect your actions – and it exactly the main factor which determinates the account trust level.

To understand what is actually safe activity all you have to do is just to take a look at big accounts of bloggers and influencers and analyze what they do and what they don’t, namely:

Wrong activity

  • Overposting
  • Pushing the limits
  • Irrelevant hashtags
  • Repetitive hashtags
  • Repetitive comments
  • Tagging wrong people
  • DMing random people

Right activity

  • Post regularly and try to post good content. Quality over quantity. Considering how long it may take to create a good post – publishing of 1-2 posts per week would be enough.
  • Stay under the radar and do not interact with a lot of people. Each tool (actions) has its own limits. For more info click here
  • Use only relevant hashtags. Hashtags related to the content of your photo. No reason to post a car and use the #ocean hashtag
  • Use different hashtags, at least 80% of them must be unique. For more info read (the thread would be added soon)
  • The same rule as for the hashtags – comments must be unique. Try to avoid repetitive comments like “wow” “cool” and so on.
  • Tag only the right people and brands that are on your photo or in the post description. No need to tag random people – they will not like it.
  • Do not send a lot of direct messages to the people you don’t follow you. It may look odd, but the most important do not DM random users with the same text.


  • Always reply to the comments on your feed
  • Comment on users feed who commented on your feed
  • Like users photos who liked your posts
  • Interaction by a big trusted account with your feed

The benefits

The higher the account trust level is – the more it’s allowed to. The higher it is – the better position it gets in ranking and the more users see its posts. The higher it is – the more organic and the most important quality traffic it gets.

Independence of what is used – organic growth or software – trust level matters. Of course trust level for account which is running in the software and growth organically would be different and probably software will not make account supernatural with millions of real followers and thousands of sales or so, but it can save you a huge volume of time, automate a lot of daily routine and possibility to get account with thousands of followers and hundreds of sales – that’s is simply amazing.

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