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Instagram rule number 1: All actions must be unique

All over the web at Instagram related forums more and more often appear the treads related to the issues with business scaling on Instagram. This applies to large projects, such as “mother-child” or other promoting methods or simple small growing projects. But anyway the reason for the issues like “I was running some accounts, but have problems with scaling” or “I had no issues for the last month and once I started to scaling – my accounts got disabled ” or most often “I had no issues before, and I changed nothing, but my accounts are disabled now” is the same. In general, the reason is only – users keep doing the same things forgetting about actions randomization hoping that everything will continue to work. But its simply impossible. Today we will talk about the main Instagram rules.

  • Disclaimer

We will not talk about the quality of the technical components as proxy, software, settings, accounts. By default, we will assume all these stuff as high-quality. To focus on the main point of this thread.

So let’s start from the beginning.


As all, you know Instagram is a social network that was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and sold to facebook on April 9, 2012. Its an absolutely common info. But keywords are “social network” and “facebook”. It’s important because the main goal of every company and every network is to grow. To get more and more new users, to get more and more new traffic, show its shareholders positive trends, keep a good quality stable product and to get more profit as a result. To achieve it – they must fight with spam.


Irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to a large number of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc. – © Wikipedia.

In Instagram spam is almost the same, like a lot of interactions with other users as follow/unfollows/likes/comments and DMs to attract the attention of the user for the future back interaction with your account to get a more new followers or increase engagement level or boost sales and so on. That’s why to fight with spam and keep the network clean – Instagram needs algorithms for spam identification.


At its core algorithms are simple. Their main task is to identify spam actions (spam accounts) and block it. The algorithm is a program code that has a number of variables to determine the action as “violate action” or “spam action” There are no perfect algorithms and sometimes they fail. For example when super white hat account which was never used any kind of bot – gets banned. Its exactly the algorithm fails. But in most cases, it works correctly and exactly the algorithms identify when to make a  phone or email verification request or when to block the action or when to remove the post or to ban an account. That’s why our main core is to stay under the radar and avoid leaving “footprints”. Algorithms draw conclusions based on statistical data and information collected. The more fingerprints are left – the easier to make a conclusion for the algorithm.


The term “footprints” includes many different factors. But we will talk about the main – actions. All actions must be unique, random or human behavior to avoid identification by Instagram algorithms as “violate actions”. Exactly that’s why when we set and run accounts in the software we set all of them with the random settings. In fact, the settings could be the same, but timings between actions, number of actions, delays per operations and the actions themselves are generally different. And since the actions are random and the limits are not exceeded – Instagram would not point these actions as violate actions and would not ban the accounts.


As all, you know to run plenty of accounts you have to use a proxy. For 1-3 accounts it’s still possible to use the direct PC IP address.  But to run more accounts you have to use a proxy. There are some daily limits for each particular tool for every single account. Depends on the account trust and age level the limits are different. But anyway the max numbers are around 200 follows due to the Instagram June 1, 2019 update and still up to 500 for the likes/unfollows/stories (on the August 20, 2019 the story tool has almost no limits, but it could be changed soon), 50 DMs, 50 comments per day. If you want to increase the number of actions to get more traffic for example – you have to increase the number of accounts to run. And just at this stage, we come to the question of scaling and randomization


That’s exactly the main step. All actions must be random. As it was told on above – timings between the actions must be random.  It’s important but it’s not enough. Action, in general, related to the actions themselves and to the interaction with users. Therefore, we will dwell on this point in more detail.


No reason to explain why interaction by a lot of accounts with the same users is a bad idea, but we will. The reason is not Instagram algorithm identification, the reason is users exactly. If your accounts interact with the same users all over and over again – the users would be extremely “unhappy”. The next step they will do is smashing the report button. Once the account is reported – Instagram gets a notification and starts checking your account. If the account is good and has a good trust level – the verification would be fast or even skipped at all. Because around the network a lot of haters which simply clicks the report button for no reason. But if your account gets reports over and over again – it is a cause for concern and for changing actions, settings.


Except for following, unfollowing, liking and story watching there are other types of interactions such as comments and DMs, which requires a deeper and more correct setup.

Usually, comments are used to attract the attention of other users for engagement increasing in the future or for the spamming target audience with some specific offer. In both ways, every single comment must be unique. The “body” or text in other words and the link. In comments its possible to use only internal links like @user_name. And that’s why if a lot of accounts spam other users with comments and mention the same @user_name over and over again – its obvious spam which would be super fast and super easy detected by Instagram. And absolutely doesn’t matter hows good the “body” or text of the comment is unique and what replacement rate the spintax template has, while the main factor, the mentioned @user_name is staying the same.

For DMs, it’s possible to use common external clickable links. That’s why this tool is much better for interaction with users. Because in this particular case in every single DM with any account is possible to send an absolutely unique message. With a unique text and unique link. For more info click – here


The rule is absolutely the same: do not use the same link all over again or do not use the same links in the bio of tons other accounts. But what to do if you need to drive a lot of traffic to your website or to some specific account (aka “mother-child” method) The answer is easy: cloaking. This super useful method allows creating a lot of unique links which would be different for IG but would lead to the same page.

Exactly that’s why for the “mother-child” method its must use common external links except for internal @user_name links. Why? I guess you already understand. Algorithms spam identification. The more accounts start to mention the same username in its bio – the more aggressively Instagram reacts. In the beginning, there will be no problem, but with every new bunch of accounts with the same username in bio – the issues become more and more.


Content is the blood of the network. If it would have no content – there would be no network at all. Content must be unique, good and viral (whenever it’s possible of course). You have to be able to regularly produce and post content that your audience is going to like and engage with. Once the algorithm picks up that you’re creating content that resonates with your audience, it puts you and your posts in a better position and in front of new audiences and vise versa of course. That’s why double-check what you post and when you post. In additional the hashtags you are using – must be related to the content you post. Don’t use #car hashtags when going to post a photo of nature and etc. And do not use a lot of hashtags with every post. The good number is around 3-10 hashtags per post. And of course, stay away from using the same hashtags all the time.

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