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Instagram warming-up process. Don’t skip it

The method which is called as a “warming up process” – its a simple and very strong method which allows creating trust between Instagram account and its actions to keep working day by day without issues, like phone verification, email verification request, action blocked or so.

First of all, we have to note this term – “Warming up process” by its nature is more relevant to accounts which are managed by automated software, rather than accounts which are used by real users via official mobile app, because accounts which are managed by real people with human behavior actions – do all actions super slowly – its exactly the main part of the warming up process.

Obviously depends on the account’s age and trust score the warming process would be different, simply because aged and fresh, newly created accounts are different by default. That’s why there are possible next scenarios:

Aged accounts for growing

It’s the most simple case because this type of accounts requires the easiest warming process. By default aged accounts with a big number of followers already have a good trust score (obviously not all of them, but in general). That’s why when you move the account to the new proxy or new software – Instagram detects these changes and requesting account verification and later to avoid any suspicions actions and make a trust between account and its new assigned data as new IP and or device id – the warming up process is needed.

The management of the client’s accounts

Actions and the warming up process in this particular case would be a bit longer, rather than on the example above due to the next reasons: account is already used by the client (account’s owner). It’s used via official Instagram application in a mobile phone which has particular enshrined technical data like – user agent (UA), device ID and a global unique identifier (GUID) and IP address too. Then when you take this account and move it to the software for future management – the account gets two sets of data. The first set is a data of account’s owner and the second set of data is a proxy or new IP in other words and the data which would be generated by the software to emulate real mobile phone. Instagram identifies that account is using simultaneously from 2 different devices and IPs. In general, Instagram reacts quite calmy on actions such as that, but in this particular case – it requires much longer warming process to make Instagram believe you (your account actually). Also if it’s possible – it would be much better to avoid the same and simultaneous actions from 2 different devices. Soon or later Instagram algorithms would identify these actions as suspicious, and as a result, the account might get 24 hours action blocked. That’s why the best way to avoid issues is to ask the client (the account owner) to stop performing actions that are already performing in the software. But anyway still will be able to use his account with the actions which are different from the actions in the software and which are not automated.

In general, the warming up process for aged accounts for growing, fan pages, blogs and accounts of the clients takes two weeks. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Anyway, we strongly do not advise you to skip it.

For more information and warming up settings for aged and clients accounts – take a look at this tutorial

Fresh newly created accounts

As soon as the account is being created – it has been attached to the: user agent (UA), device ID and a global unique identifier (GUID) and IP address. Then if a second or even a week later the account which has no trust score at all is moved to the software and new Ip address (proxy) – Instagram immediately identifies that and instantly reduces this account’s trust score. As a result – if the account was created with a high-quality set of data it will need a long and slow warming process which takes months. If the account was created with a low set of data – after moving it to the new proxy it would be instantly banned.

For better understanding, here is how it’s working

  • You create an account with particular set of data: user agent (UA), device ID and a global unique identifier (GUID) and IP address
  • Account has almost no trust score level
  • Then the account is moved to some software and new IP address and gets a new set of data. Instagram immediately detects it.
  • The question is arose – why assigned data of account is been changed? Obviously, something is suspicious. Because the common user would not change his mobile phone and  Ip address after account registration.

That’s why if you create accounts yourself or purchase it from some shop – much better would be to buy accounts with cookies or set of technical data used for account registration to import it to the software for reducing suspicious actions. Whether how and what kind of data with the account was imported to the software, newly fresh created accounts require a very accurate and slow warming process, which takes months. We do understand that some of you who are reading this post – might be skeptical about it or simply use accounts as consumables, where the warming process is not needed at all. But for those who want to get good high-quality accounts – just imagine how the person, who never had an experience with social networking before or Instagram exactly, will use the account. That’s the warming up settings for a fresh account – you can find here (link would be added soon)

The management of the fresh created client’s accounts

We simply do not advise to use and manage accounts such as that to the reasons listed above. But sometimes the client needs an account right here and right now to make some page, shop, or etc and start running it as soon as possible. Situations could be different and if there is a need to do something like that – we advise to buy the aged account from some trusted seller, then warm it a bit and change the account data like email, phone number, password, username and so on.

Account editing

When to edit an account – Is the last but equally important question that is related to this post. The wrong “time” when to edit an account may seriously reduce the account trust score.

For the aged account which been purchased at some shop or recently been moved into the new software or to the new IP (proxy) would be better to edit it after the warming up process is done, to avoid additional suspicious action identifications by Instagram. Or in case you are going to changed the current IP address of account soon and you know you will need to edit the account as well, so more right would be to edit the account before changing the IP. For the fresh accounts, the rules are similar except the one big difference – for the first two months of the warming up process – do not even try to put the links in bio. Nor common clickable HTTP links either internal @user_name_links – obviously, only in case you care about the account.

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